Lynch Solicitors try to do things differently. We carry out an initial assessment in order to agree on a strategy to effect a just and fair resolution.  We have many years of experience in the area, having been involved from the introduction of Divorce in Ireland.  While we favour an amicable resolution, we do appreciate that this is not always possible at an early stage.  We are strong advocates of full and frank disclosure either voluntary or on an investigation.  We strive to be sensitive to the fact that this is a very difficult and often fractious time for all parties involved .  With this in mind, we are reluctant to get involved in costly and protracted correspondence unless it is with a view to progressing your case to a satisfactory conclusion. Above all our main priority is to achieve a fair and just outcome for our client and take whatever steps are necessary to achieve this result.


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In Family Law and Divorce, we take the view that the first priority, where children are involved, is to take steps to resolve any issues around the children.  This is to ensure that the children are kept out of the court process as much as possible.  We believe that marriage breakdown is a significant life event that can involve very serious stress.  This means that you need to takes steps to manage this stress.  You need to put supports in place to help you in a good place to make the necessary decisions . When you are ready,  we then move to financial issues that need to be supported by full disclosure and an open-minded approach to making sure that both parties are properly provided for.  We favour mediation over litigation and discussion over argument.  But when all this has been tried and failed we are more than prepared to pursue our client’s interests within the Court system in order to achieve proper provision.

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