Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney & Administration of Estates

Making your will is essential if you want to make sure that your assets are divided according to your wishes.  With our expert help, you can quickly and discreetly arrange your affairs so that there are no disputes, hardships or delays for those you may leave behind.

But it does not stop there.

Making a will is just one part of the plan.  You should also consider what you might do if you are no longer capable of looking after yourself in the future.  You need to add an Enduring Power of Attorney.  This appoint your nominee to look after you if you become unable to do so.

What happens if you have special needs in your family and you are no longer able to deal with them.  Now you may need a Trust.

What if you have questions on the death of parent or relative about the way the Will was made or its contents.  Now you may need to consult us.

We are here to help and welcome your enquiries.

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When a loved one passes away there is a lot of work involved in making sure that their wishes are honoured .  We are happy to help you in the process of getting the legalities completed to enable the wishes of the deceased to be implemented.

We offer services:

  • Audit : Asset; Will; Family Law aspects
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – Living Wills
  • Care Representative Order
  • Administration of Estates
  • Nursing Home Support Scheme applications
  • Estate Planning
  • S.117 applications
  • Beneficiary Representation
  • Succession Planning – the best way to gift property within a family

This is an essential part of any practice and one in which we believe that we excel. The important contribution that we make to this area is in providing a personal service tailored to the needs of each individual client .

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