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If you wish to discuss any matters about the processing of personal data on our website, feel free to contact our Principal, by post or email:

John M. Lynch

Jervis House, Parnell Street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

+353 (52) 6124344 or


Personal data collected may include data necessary for a transaction you wish us to undertake on your behalf. However, it is possible that data may be processed for profiling or future marketing.  


We will not release personal data to a third party (other than a person acting as our agent) unless required by Law.

Right of Access

You have a right to be given a copy of the personal data which we retain on our system.   A Subject Access Request should be in writing together proof of identity and a fee of €6.35. We will respond to your request within 40 calendar days. We will accept an e- mailed or written request directed to our Principal as set out above.

Right of Rectification or Erasure

You have a right to have your personal data corrected, if inaccurate, or erased, if you consider that we do not have a legitimate reason for retaining the data.  We do not charge for complying with such a request and shall comply within 40 calendar days of the receipt of such a request.   Again such request can be made by post or email.

Extent of data being processed

We use different data for different purposes.   We use data provided for specific transactions in order to carry out your instructions.   We also use such data ( to include collection of IP addresses, use of cookies or web beacons) for marketing purposes and for web site usage and analysis.


We retrieve and store Information – not just personal data - from your terminal equipment (computer, smartphone, mobile phone or other equipment used by an individual to access electronic communications networks).  We store and retrieve this information for the purposes set out above and with your implied consent. This includes the use of "cookies"(a small file that can be downloaded to a PC or other device when the user accesses certain websites. A cookie allows a website to "recognise" the user's device).

The Policy also covers other situations where information is placed on, or retrieved from, terminal equipment. An example of this may be via an "app." Information that is necessary to facilitate the transmission of a communication, or information that is strictly necessary to provide an information society service explicitly requested by the user, is not subject to this requirement. If a cookie is strictly necessary to facilitate a transaction requested by the user - for example, storage of items in a shopping cart on an online website - advance consent will not be required. This will be the case where the cookie is stored only for as long as the "session" is live and will be deleted at the end of the session.  Where it is technically possible and effective, your consent may be given by the use of appropriate browser settings.

I am not an IT person, what are cookies?

A cookie is a block of data that a web server places on a user's PC. Typically, it is used to ease navigation through the site. However, it is also a useful means of the website identifying the user, tracking the user's path through the site, and identifying repeat visits to the site by the same user (or same user's machine). This can then lead to a website owner being able to profile an individual user's browsing habits - and all potentially done without the knowledge, or consent, of the user.


We have adequate security measures in place to prevent the unauthorised access to, or alteration or destruction of personal data in our possession.

We take our security responsibilities seriously, employing the most appropriate physical and technical measures, including staff training and awareness and we review these measures regularly.

Accurate, complete and up-to-date

We recognise the need to hold only accurate, complete and up-to-date data.  Accordingly, you as a data subject may update your details, review our site to ensure accuracy, or respond to our requests for confirmation of data by e- mail.

Adequate, relevant, not excessive

We do not to hold more data than is necessary for the purpose for which we collect them. We review all data supplied/obtained and delete that which is not necessary, or which is no longer necessary.


We do not hold Data for longer than is necessary for the purpose(s) for which they were obtained. It is our policy to delete credit card details once a transaction had been finalised, unless we obtain your consent to retain details to ease further transactions.   

We hold different types of data for different time periods.  We hold transaction information for upto 12 years.  We retain personal information for marketing purposes and for review purposes indefinitely.

Complaint resolution mechanism

If you have an issue with our data processing we are happy to hear from you and will respond within 40 days.

More information

If you wish to discuss these issues or require additional information, please contact

John M. Lynch

Jervis House, Parnell Street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

+353 (52) 6124344 or

You may also contact for more general information on Data Protection:  

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

Canal House,  Station Road  Portarlington,  Co. Laois
Phone: 057 868 4800
Fax: 057 868 4757
E- mail:
Web: https: //

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