Arbitration as a means of dispute resolution is an option, which is built into most legal agreements. Its main advantages to Court are speed, cost and confidentiality. 

While it is a more inexpensive, speedy and confidential method of dispute resolution it remains the second option for most lawyers. It is a model of dispute resolution that we as a firm recommend to our clients and offer a special expertise.

As well as cost and time advantages it carries with it the benefit of confidentiality. For many years the system of arbitration has been a popular method of dispute resolution for building contracts and consumer contracts such as holiday packages and motor vehicle purchases. Instead of going to Court, the parties can agree to present their case to an arbitrator who will rule on the dispute.

Arbitration is used for:

  • Consumer Contracts
  • Building Agreements
  • Compulsory Purchases
  • Commercial Agreements – especially those valuing confidentiality

As a means of dispute resolution, it is an option that can be built into any legal agreement.

Lynch Solicitors recommend Arbitration to our clients and offer special expertise. John M. Lynch is an accredited Arbitrator and a fellow Institute of Arbitrators since 1993. He has presided over numerous arbitrations and also represented many clients over the years at arbitration hearings. Arbitration is instead of going to Court, however in these situations, unlike with Mediation, John, as Arbitrator, will decide the outcome of the dispute. The main advantage of Arbitration is that it is in private, takes less time and is less expensive than Court.

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