Family Law and Divorce

Lynch Solicitors try to do things differently. We see children as the first priority and consensus and agreement as the end games.  We litigate as a last resort.  We offer a one stop shop service to our clients  We mediate , we litigate and we arbitrate . We deal with the process from all aspects and from beginning to end.  

Our services include :

  • High Court & Circuit Court Judicial Separation & Divorce
  • Guardianship, Access Custody and Maintenance applications
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Separation Agreements/Judicial Separation & Divorce
  • Civil Partnership Registration , co-habitation agreements & Redress Applications

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In Family Law and Divorce, we take the view that the first thing that needs to be done, where children are involved, is to put together a long term parenting plan to ensure that the children are kept out of the process.  We then move to financial issues that need to be supported by full disclosure and an open minded approach to making sure that both parties are property provided for.  We favour mediation over litigation and discussion over argument.  But when all this has been tried and failed we are more than prepared to pursue our client’s interests within the Court system in order to achieve proper provision.

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