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DePuy Patients – Ultrasound Scans and Second Opinions a Top Priority

DePuy Patients – Ultrasound Scans and Second Opinions a Top Priority

As far back as March 2011 , UK experts, Mr. David J. Langton, MRCS at University Hospital of North Tees and Dr. Thomas Joyce, Mechanical Engineer at Newcastle University, spoke to DePuy patients at an International DePuy Hip Implant Recall Conference.

Lynch  Solicitors hosted the conference to provide DePuy patients in Ireland with the opportunity to receive expert up-to-date opinion and objective advice from both speakers.

Mr. Langton advised DePuy patients that “pain is the number one indicator to justify further investigation.”

He recommended an ultrasound scan for those DePuy patients who are experiencing symptoms.  He stated “an ultrasound scan and repeat metal ion analysis are tests that DePuy patients should undergo in order to rule out the possibility of symptoms as a result of the defective DePuy implant.”  He commented that the MRI scans being undertaken in Ireland are not necessarily conclusive and that in many cases they may require additional software to assist in the relevant data being made available to the treating physician.

DePuy Orthopaedics Inc, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, have expressed reservations on liability where fractures are present at the time of surgery. Mr. Langton said “a fracture is a recognised complication of resurfacing and a fracture after this type of surgery only becomes apparent between two and sixteen weeks after the operation.”

Accordingly, it is critical that all aspects of the surgery should be analysed by the relevant expert to rule out the other issues that may affect liability.

DePuy patients also learned at the conference that there is a very slow recovery following revision surgery because metal debris stays in the tissues for some time after the metallic joint has been removed and the body can still react creating inflammation.  This has proven to be the case over the last number of years since the conference.

As the levels of potential failure, of the DePuy ASR hip implant device, have already increased dramatically, patients are recommended to seek a second opinion on their hip implant.

Lynch Solicitors believe that when it comes to the issue of compensation for pain and suffering, DePuy patients need an objective second opinion.

With this in mind, Lynch Solicitors, as one of the leading firms dealing with DePuy litigation ,have established links with these two medical experts in the UK .  We have done this in order to ensure that patients receive a comprehensive second opinion to enable them to make a proper assessment.

Concerned recipients of DePuy ASR hip implants can contact John M. Lynch or Gillian O’Mahony at Lynch  Solicitors on 052-6124344 or john@lynchsolicitors.ie

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