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  A relationship breakdown can often be a very traumatic and upsetting time for all involved. Whether it is a couple living together, parents of children or a married couple, every relationship break up brings its own unique challenges and hurdles.   What happens when you visit a Solicitor to discuss a Separation or Divorce?
  We have often spoken about wills and their importance to lay out your wishes. An Enduring Power of Attorney  (called EPA) is a complement to any Will. An EPA will outline what happens should you become incapacitated and are no longer able to voice your wishes.   What is an Enduring Power of Attorney?
  Pre nuptial agreements are increasing steadily in Ireland since their introduction  in 1965. We have seen a growth in the number of pre nuptial agreements being sought by farming families.  Over 70% of farmers are supporting calls to make pre nups recognised legally in Ireland. However it is important to remember that courts are
  The Statute of Limitations is an integral part of every legal process. It is important to bear in mind in any case, where an issue may come before a court, time is of the essence. Does the statute favour the defendant? It is commonly commented on, that in cases where a person has wrongfully

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