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There are many important decisions to be made when planning for the future. One of those may include a situation where your health has deteriorated and you no longer have capacity to voice your preferred treatment options. WHAT IS THE ASSISTED DECISION-MAKING (CAPACITY) ACT 2015? In a sense the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015 provides
What happens to a person’s pension is always a matter for concern when they get into financial difficulties. This can be further complicated by financial difficulties which might result in bankruptcy. When someone goes into bankruptcy, as a general rule, all assets owned by the bankrupt vest in the Official Assignee in Bankruptcy. As a
The position of the family home in Bankruptcy is that while the Lender has options under the legislation they invariably keep the family home out of bankruptcy. This means that the lender proves their debt, the bankrupt’s interest vests in the official assignee, the lender retains control of the asset, and the assignee does nothing
Vicky Phelan’s cervical cancer misdiagnosis first came to light in 2014 following an audit of all smear tests. Separately, the same year, she underwent a second smear test which revealed she had cervical cancer. Her doctor wasn’t told about her misdiagnosis dating from 2011 until 2016, and she wasn’t informed until a further year had

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