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The Ultimate Guide to what happens to the family home in bankruptcy from Lynch Solicitors
While coverage of the recent changes to the Bankruptcy Laws has focused on the reduction of the bankruptcy term from three years to one year, a number of other amendments were made.  These will have a serious effect on a person’s decision to file for bankruptcy. The role of the Official Assignee (who takes over
What are the rights of a cohabitant? John Lynch looks at the issue in this blog from Lynch Solicitors.
  John Lynch looks the issue of rights of a cohabitant.  What are they and how do you classify as a cohabitant?  How long do you have to be living together to qualify as a cohabitant?  What do you need to do to prove that you are cohabiting?  And, what happens if the relationship ends?
Pre-nups video blog
Pre-nups and other agreements are no longer the preserve of the rich and famous.  They are becoming increasingly popular among couples.  There are various agreements that you should consider putting in place if you are contemplating legal relationships. A Prenuptial Agreement? Prenuptial agreements have been labelled as “an insurance policy against falling out of love”.
divorce questions answered by John Lynch, Lynch Solicitors
It is important that all parties are ready to deal with the practicalities of the breakup. To do this, you may need the help of professionals – psychologists, counsellors, mediators and lawyers.

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