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  On the 13th of February last, US manufacturer NuVasive issued a Product Recall of  the Magec System Model X rod and as a result an audit is under way to identify Irish children with severe scoliosis who were fitted with a particular type of titanium spinal support rod, which may now need to be
What does the term “Right of Way” mean? A right of way arises if you own a piece of land and to get to it you must pass over a piece of land or roadway which is owned by someone else. Rights of Way, also known as easements, is an enforceable right by one  landowner
  As we continue our New Years Legal resolutions for 2020, one issue which people may feel forced to face is debt. With a New Year comes a resolve to clean the slate and start afresh, but it is often difficult to face the burden of debt and to know where or who to turn
Having had cause this morning to drive in the snow I have noticed another major hazard aside from the weather – the way our fellow road users react to the dangers the weather throws at us. There are two extremes and both equally as lethal as the other. The first, is the reckless driver who

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