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Lynch Solicitors - Partners
A quick guide to partners rights on separation and the need to review their wills.
Mediation is a process whereby a neutral third party assists clients in achieving a solution to meet their needs. Many people see Court as  a daunting and expensive upheaval. One of the major drawbacks to litigation is the lack of flexible and creative solutions.  These drawbacks cause a failure to meet the demands of clients
The area of law on children is delicate and complex. The most common issues that arise with children are guardianship and custody. However, the scope of children within the law goes far beyond parental rights. One common aspect is that of entering into a contract with a child. A minor may enter into a contract

Cervical Cancer Scandal

Clear answers on the cervical cancer scandal could be delayed even further after Taoiseach Leo Varadkar admitted thousands of women potentially affected will have to individually give permission before their tests can be examined. News of the extra cases emerged as Health Minister Simon Harris admitted the need to contact up to 3,000 women who

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