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What Is Bankruptcy?

What Is Bankruptcy Lynch Solicitors
Bankruptcy – What of It?! Being declared bankrupt can seem a very daunting process, there is often a lot of uncertainty around how the system works and what you are and are not allowed to do. In this blog, we ask ‘What is Bankruptcy ?’ and answer some of the most common questions relating to

Private Rights of Way Explained

WHAT IS A PRIVATE RIGHT OF WAY? A private right of way entitles the owner or occupier of an adjoining property to pass over someone else’s property to access their own property. Rights of way have traditionally been described as footways, horse ways, bridleways, drift ways and cart ways. Rights of way are either general

What is Medical Negligence?

What is Medical Negligence? Medical Negligence is an act or omission by a health care professional which is below the accepted standard of care and which results in injury or death to a patient. Medical negligence is a rapidly expanding area of litigation in Ireland.
Probate or Administration is the term used to describe the legal process that you must go through to deal with the assets and liabilities of a deceased person. This process has the effect of authorising a named person or persons to take control of a deceased person’s estate.  They get a legal document,, usually called

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