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  Gillian O’Mahony from Lynch Solicitors spoke on Newstalk Breakfast in recent days to discuss your legal position when dealing with noisy neighbours. Click on the link below to listen……..…/highlights…/deal-noisy-neighbours
  The Ana Kriegel case has once again highlighted the need for Defamation Law awareness after a boy was wrongly identified as one of the teenager’s killers, with his picture and personal details shared online and on various messaging apps. While the internet and the use of social media has given us a world of
  The Cabinet has approved changes to the Fair Deal scheme for farms and small businesses. The scheme provides financial support for those in long-term nursing home care. The legislation will be examined by an Oireachtas committee before the Dáil recess in July but it is hoped that the changes would be passed in the
The Maria Bailey case and the media fire that surrounded it, has once again thrown a spotlight on the high levels of compensation payouts in Ireland and the sometimes spurious nature of some of the cases which come before the courts. WHY ARE WE SEEING A RISE IN REPORTS OF CASES BEING DISMISSED? The vast

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